Shocking statistic on Cristiano Ronaldo: The best striker in Euro’s history

Updated: July 10, 2016

Bale took the world by surprised when he passed the ball to himself 3 seconds in the future, however, this pale in comparison with Ronaldo as he can fly! He suspended himself 2 second in the air like a pro NBA player. After the match: “Ronaldo did remarkably in the match and the terrific heading in the match opened the road for Portugal in Paris’s Final.”

Ronaldo expressed his joy after the match, saying that: “In fact we didn’t perform greatly when the match started, but we got the final laugh, which is better. We got into the final, and the chance for us to realizing our dream is here. I hope that we can cry in joy after the final, as it has always been my wish to win this honour for Portugal. We are very close (to win), and I believe we will win this time. I have been in my peak performance for 13 years, numbers won’t lie, with countless effort, humbleness, and sacrifice, result will surely come.”

8 Records by Ronaldo

1.Best striker in Euro’s history

Ronaldo has equalled Platini’s record of nine UEFA EURO final tournament goals and what worth mentioning is that Platini done this in one UEFA EURO while Ronaldo became the only player to score in four different UEFA EURO tournaments, following goals in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

2. 9 goals, best in EURO’s history

Ronaldo’s 9 goals in done in 7 different matches, which is 2004 agaisnt Greece & Holland; 2008 against Czech Republic; 2012 against Holland (2 goals) and Czech, and against Hungary (2 goals) & Wales in 2016, which is a brand new record itself.

3. Record for numbers of appearance on field

Ronaldo appeared on field for 20 times during EURO, during 2004 and 2016 which he both appeared for 6 matches, 3 appearance during 2008, 5 during 2012, and continue to break the record for the numbers of appearance on field during EURO’s final stage.

4. 3 appearances for semi-finals

Ronaldo became the first in the history that participated 3 semi-finals. In EURO 2004 Ronaldo led Portugal to the Final by eliminating Holland, but lost against Greece and won as first runner-up; where in 2012’s semi-final Portugal was eliminated by Spain during free kick stage; and this time Ronaldo reached the Final again after 12 years.

5. 2 Goals during EURO’s semi-final, first in 52 years

Ronaldo has scored goals both during 2004 & 2016’s semi-finals, the first since 1964.

6. Headings record

Ronaldo scored his fifth heading during the latest semi-final and became the undisputed “air force” in EURO’s history. In this tournament he has both scored against Hungary and Wales with a heading.

7. 3 goals for 2 EURO consecutively

In the latest 2 EURO championship, Ronaldo has both scored 3 goals in it. 2 goals against Holland in 2012, and 1 against Czech, and for the current tournament, 2 goals against Hungary, and 1 against Wales,

8. 1st in 12 years for total number of assist and goals.

Ronaldo has contributed 5 assist in EURO, totalling up to 14 scores when added with goals, the most scoring since 2004.